After years of loyal shopping at Auburn store Goodwill Manager Tells me I will be arrested if I return to store..No I had stold nothing ,nor did I have any disruptions in store .No I gave response when asked a question by manager as she left store As she is leaving yelling out orders to these underpaid workers She stops & says I know write I am to pushy To that I replied no just very petty .About 2months pass a new store cashier makes comments each time I go through her line about getting a video game system for her child this was before Christmas I tell I sell game systems She ask me to hold one for her So I do & she never buys it TMALSS.She ask me about 1 1/2 wk ago again I said I would hold one for her .But at the same time a better one is donated to the store I tell here this a better deal for her to this she says I know To this I tell her I would put this on a shelf at the back of the store The next day I am in the store I go to buy the game system but it is gone I tell the women I stashed it for her But someone found it .To this she starts talking loudly You should tell me that I will have to tell my manager .I was like what ? The very next day the loud manager & Asst mgr.find me in the store and tell me that shopper who stash item are subject to being bared from store,I tell her I was not aware of there policy & that was the the very next time I go to the Goodwill as I leave the store this rude slob of a manager hands me a paper with Corp.Office phone number & tells me They told her to ban me from all local stores What the Just happened .This non profit comp .Made over 100 million in profits last year CEO over $1,648,000 salary average employee of Goodwill $8500-$12,467 This manager is rude to workers as well as customers she raises prices on just about every item in the store prior to any store 50% off sale I have seen this as well as been told by current workers of this nasty mean managers practices Stay away from this very bad store with managers who could care less about anything but the dollar .Capt Richard Red Beard Aube.Ca

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Cashier.

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These "non" profit jerks need to pull their heads out of their... well, you know.

They have become so greedy and pompous at the Goodwill that I refuse to shop there anymore. When they have a USED, yes USED DEODORANT on the shelf and are attempting to sell it for $3.49, there is a slight problem and someone needs to step in.

I'm not even sure it's legal to sell used hygiene products, but if you go to the Auburn Goodwill, you will find a whole section of these gross "treasures" and they will more than likely be priced higher than retail.


Hey look, the comments have SPELL CHECK! Very cool. Now if only they add grammar checks and nonsense / jibber jabber filters.

to I do not speak nonsense #1395669

quite being so critical of people. Get a life.


:( nothing but slavedrivers at the goodwills

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