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Hasn't been updated yet but before I left the manager Vikki said that cashier 1 n her need to talk latter about how she spoke to me a paying customer

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Rude to me about the mask issue when I was wearing a sheild n had the mask an inch from my face n the cashier eking it was register 1 had a problem with it on Jan 5 th on a Tuesday of 2021 n Jan 14 of 2021 at 2:50 pm she refused to serve me at her cash register today because I had my mask inch away from my face n made a bigger deal then she needed to so the manager came over to me n saw that I didn't have it that far away from my face I am clausicpobic n I have ashma n can't breathe with the shield on never mind the mask n the sheild together n other stores i go into they don't care if i wear a shield but goodwill in auburn maine has a problem with me just wearing a sheild after I walk in to the store the girl up front by the door saw me wearing a sheild n didn't care but it is this one cashier who has a problem with me n makes me put a mask on under neath the sheild n my name is Tracy S. n I live in Lewiston maine

User's recommendation: Do not go to good will if u can't wear a shield n mask together because the will make u wear them both n they sell rusted tea kattels I bout a rusted one n they wouldn't let me return it back to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Sales Representative.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Is not make customers that have claustrophobic n ashma have to wear a sheild n mask because if they have asthma attack n pass out in ur store u can get a lawsuit on u n don't have rude people working at ur auburn maine n I am never going back to goodwill.

Goodwill Pros: Has alot of items.

Goodwill Cons: Bad customer practice needs to be aproach in a better matter.

Location: 939 Turner Street, Auburn, ME 04210

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