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If you have ever tried to return an item within 7 days with tag attached and receipt and been denied, please contact me. I'm trying to organize a consumer protection class action lawsuit against Seattle Goodwill for deceiving consumers with their return policy.It doesn't matter if the tag is bent, crooked, in an odd place, it just has to be attached according to their return policy. They do not have the legal right to deny a consumer a returned item if it follows the conditions printed on the receipt. They want you to believe they can refuse to follow their own policy, but that is against the law. Washington Consumer protection laws are in place to prevent arrogant, power hungry businesses to abuse the consumer in this way. They also want to scare you into believing they can falsely accuse you of switching tags or whatever else they try to do in order to refuse your return. They can't possibly have any idea if the item you are returning was purchased by you or by someone else you may be returning for a friend. It is illegal for them to even ask your name to do a return because it is not stated in their return policy. You aren't asked your name to purchase or donate and unless they change their policy, it is illegal. However, even if they change their policy, they owe millions of dollars to consumers over the years who have been violated and deceived.

Washington State law protects the consumer from deceptive and fraudulent return policies and the Seattle Goodwill has been deceiving consumers for many years. We are entitled to monetary damages and anyone who was refused a return for not having or showing ID is also eligible. Their policy does NOT state that you must identify yourself, nor does it say the manager can bully you by refusing to follow the policy if she doesn't like you. Currently, managers at Seattle Goodwill are getting away with discriminating against customers they don't want to return items for, even though the law sides with the consumer and protects them from these abusive managers.

The Seattle Goodwill has been enabled to abuse the power they have over employees and now customers for far too long and it needs to stop! The Lynnwood Goodwill killed a customer by running them over with their forklift and this past weekend I was verbally abused by the Edmonds, WA store manager. When I filed I complaint, I was retaliated against by being banned from that store. Apparently, they erroneously believe they are above the law, probably because they have gotten away with scamming people for many years.

Please file complaints with the BBB, the FTC and the Washington Attorney General's office if you have been violated by this scamming, abusive farce of a non profit. Here is the link to file your complaint, it only takes a few minutes and is super easy.

The only way to stop them is to stop donating and stop being one of their consumers/victims. Donate to St Vincent de Paul or Value Village because at least Value Village treats the customer with respect and admits they are in business to make money.

Daryl Campbell is the CEO of Seattle Goodwill and he is well aware of what is happening as I contacted him and as usual, he is choosing to ignore the issues. As long as he gets his yearly quarter of a million dollars, he doesn't care how anyone is treated. Perhaps if the people who pay his wages by shopping and donating and bending over for his abusive management were to boycott, he would listen? When he can't pay for his groceries and loses is house as he takes the bus to his job at McDonalds, perhaps then he will care?

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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