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I am referring to the store on Eastman road in kingsport tn. First and foremost your items that you sale are donated it is not gold.

I went in there yesterday and spent $105 dollars on scrubs seeing as how with covid buy local working in Healthcare I figured I'd pay it forward. I paid 105 bucks and some of the items wouldn't fit I never asked for a refund I just wanted bigger sizes. First trip in I had my receipt and the items. I was informed I needed my tags as well.

I came all the way home went threw my dirty trash to get the 15 tags I had out of 20 items due to the other 5 not having tags. I then went back and they brought the whole staff to the front like I was some kind of criminal and stood around talking forever then gave me the excuse the tags had to be clipped on the items this store is a complete joke and really don't like being disrespected especially when I spent that much money in the store!

I want a supervisor above the store to call me not someone from that joke of a place. had receipt Nx all for my items.

User's recommendation: Dont shop there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: I want my money back asap yall can have the product back instead of exchanging them I doubt I'll return to the store in the future for shopping.

Goodwill Cons: Lack of respect and care for customers, Treating people like they are beneath them.

Location: 1157 North Eastman Road, Kingsport, TN 37664

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That was never the mistake the rudeness was the way I was answered and spoke to thank you and it has nothing to do with not getting what want and the funny thing is I never wanted my money back just scrubs I could fit and you as your comment are now irrelevant thank you your dismissed!!!


The only joke is you mistaking not getting what you want as rude.

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