I was at one of your goodwill stores in Chillicothe Ohio and found several items that I wanted to purchase. And since that store doesnt have a dressing room I asked the lady at the register if I could bring these back if they dont fit.

And she said yes you have seven days. So I purchased all the items went home and then the following day I took the ones back that did not fit. Which takes me at least 40 minutes to get to your store from my house. I went and told him I had to return these clothes they had a line I told him I would just look around the store and see what else I could find and Id be back up when it wasnt so hectic and They said OK.

So I found a few items and told him that I would like to purchase them and get the remainder of my balance on a card or cash back and they told me they cannot refund my money. I spent $88 in there that day I never wouldve done that if I couldnt have brought them back. I told them the cashier told me that I could bring these back if they did not fit. He said I would have to exchange all the items I didnt want and my items didnt come up to that amount and he said I could only exchange for clothes.

I asked about an in store credit or gift card and he said no Im just out of luck if I cant find clothes to exchange. I told him they need to elaborate on their exchange policy and I that I dont think its right to loose my money after being told by their employe I could bring them back.

Please tell me you can help. Thank you , Amy Hart

Location: Chillicothe, Ohio

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