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THANK YOU GOODWILL I already know I'm a disposable human being in this new society. But to know a nonprofit company (by the way, all of the Renton Goodwill Manager are ever so proud that the Seattle goodwill stores, of which they are members of made over $9 million last year, best in the nation.) who advertises helping people with disabilities let me go just so they can get their numbers up and not even try to help one of their own workers who has a disability is so wrong.

(No offer of a different position or even an offer of possible job training to help with my disability.)

Gotta go, See ya, Might as well sign up with D.S.H.S. while I'm at it. If I'm so *** how can I, even with a disability, support a family of 4 (wife, me, pre-teen and teen daughters) on minimum wage, not easily, but doable thanks to God, Family and friends. My last words are that I hope to get back to work soon because I am almost out of options and am seriously worried about being put out on the street.

All this for the price of minimum wage.

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