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I was recently informed that my sister-in-law called your Lombard location and asked for me about a year ago. She was told by a certain employee that I was "fired for stealing" and would not confirm her identify to my sister in law.

As she lived very near the Lombard locale and visited frequently, she was fairly certain to the employee's identity. Not only is this completely not the case, this was the exact supervisor who intimidated me into signing off on a statement that she wrote and wouldn't let me read. She quickly paraphrased it and motioned with her hand, right next to my face, for me to sign my name to it and hurry up about it . I felt very intimidated and suspected I was blamed for the entire situation that happened that evening.

I didn't feel safe enough to read it. I let this go because I was humiliated felt powerless by the way she was treating me. Telling a family member I was fired for stealing is completely outrageous and humiliating. I am going to be following through with having these incidents thoroughly investigated by an attorney.

My entire experience was not only unprofessional I took it as a personal attack. So I ask you, is divulging a former employee's reason for dismissal a violation of Goodwill policy?

Is lying about it technically ok because it wasn't the "real reason?" the one that she made up? I will provide my sisterinlaw's contact information upon request and am 110% ready and willing to take a lie detector test about everything I just stated.

User's recommendation: Give small business vintage thrift stores your business. Goodwill doesn't care about their employees and customers are even further down the line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Sales Representative.

Preferred solution: I believe I need to be monetarily compensated. If no, I'm taking this to court. .

Location: 3134 North Lombard Street, Portland, OR 97217

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