I hope someone gets back to me because I am upset about 2 items that My husband and I have ordered have come poorly wrapped and broken. Both orders came from Michigan.

The first broken porcelain vase came from Grand Rapids, MI, and the second porcelain vase came from Flint, MI. We have purchased many items on your online store @ shop goodwill.com and so far all have come carefully packed in bubble wrap, except for these 2 vases that came from 2 goodwills in Michigan. I dont know if this is just coincidental, but it seems odd that out of the approximately 20 items ordered in the last 2 months 2 of the items (and the only items that came broken) were from Michigan. They dont even wrap the porcelain in bubble wrap but cardboard.

The second vase had 2 pieces and instead of wrapping them separately, they taped them together and wrapped it in cardboard and shipped it 2,000 miles to CA.

I hope that someone instructs these people how to wrap fragile items. I hope we do not get anymore broken porcelain items.

User's recommendation: Send a message to the store and instruct the, to wrap it in bubble wrap and mark fragile!

Location: Torrance, California

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