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I went to Goodwill at 7600 S Sepulveda Blvd in LA , CA 90046 to make my regular donations of goods at 3pm during their regular hours. Three employees were there chatting and a female employee told me to come back next day .

I asked why since it is during opening hours . She told me that I am supposed to call before coming . I have been this place before and never ran into such a situation and such a rude employee. The way I saw it is that they did not want to be bothered with more donations .

The more donations come in means more work for them . At the time I was there , it did not appear that there were too many donated stuff for them to sort . Why such attitude ? The management ought to know about the poor service and their lazy employees.

When I finally made her to accept my donated Items , she commented that I was in it for tax deductible receipts . I explained to her No since I retired with no income .

This experience made me not want to donate any good stuff or cash to Goodwill in the future . :

User's recommendation: Please report poor service to Goodwill management.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Goodwill Cons: Poor service.

Location: 7600 South Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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We are sorry to hear about your negative experience while donating. Goodwill is a network of over 150 nonprofit member organizations that independently operate more than 3,300 Goodwill stores across the nation.

We encourage you to connect directly with your local headquarters to share your concerns about this donation incident at the location they manage.

Here is the contact information for the Corporate Headquarters in the area you provided. Goodwill Industries of Southern California 342 San Fernando Road Los Angeles, CA 90031 (323) 223-1211


Oh for goodness sake foolish child no one was rude to you. IF you got a parent to read their website, you would see that due to COVID, you have t call ahead of time.

Telling you to call ahead of time and to come back tomorrow is not being rude. If you are not a child, grow up, you are acting like one, not only a child but a foolish child.

It is not about them being lazy you foolish child. Maybe you were too lazy to check their website.

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