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Prices are comically outrageous. $24.99 for a cracked vase and chipped neck.

$7.99 for an empty Yankee Candle jar? The donation store is to be affordable. Hey top management, CEO, VP, etc., how many cars and mansions do you own now? I think GW needs to be investigated.

Hey, Good Will, it's time to lower your prices!

People donate. It's not for resale!!!!!!

GW gets rid of Target, and that was the best reason to ever go to GW, now they put the good stuff that's been donating on their website or behind the glass shelf and mark it 5x's what was paid for or worth!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Exactly! That's why they charge so much, because rather than trying to help out poor people by charging them a low price that they can afford, they are trying to make the maximum profit that they possinle can because that means more money in their personal take home pay. They probably are very well off financially and very comfortable.


I agree....just there a few days ago and they are selling glassware that is chipped and broken with high prices....Wake up Goodwill executives! Things are changing and your wages/bonus will also.


I would just stop shopping there in protest of their high prices for used donated items they get for free.

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