Tired of donating and spending a lot of money in your locations to be forced to wear a mask. Very unfair to people that are forced to wear something they have issues with.

Forcing people to wear a mask that are exempt is one thing but forcing people to cover their nose is another thing. It's bad enough mask exempt people are struggling to cope through this just as much as everyone else they try to comply by wearing a mask but not covering their nose they should not be harassed by your staff and told to cover up or leave and a shield is not optional.

Alberta health services says PPL should not be refused service should not be harassed, but Goodwill thinks they should harass people. Three locations out of them 2 out of 3 are rude and ignorant about it.

User's recommendation: Don't support a buusness that doesn't support loyal customers. If your mask exempt don't bother they have a terrible attitude rude and uncaring.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

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