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I saw an item in the basket, I picked it up and asked how much is this. The employee snatched it out of my hand said hey, rudely and said, you can't touch this because of Covid, just you're understanding what I'm saying.

It was laying in an unattended basket. I said, oh, I'm sorry, I just wanted a price. He said well now I'm not going to price it and turned his back to me and walked away. I waited by the door like 7 min for someone to come out.

It happened to be the manager, I told her the story and the guy said I'll price it after I go to lunch. The manager was very rude and said it well he can't price it if he's going to lunch I said okay can you please price it then this was a little 50 Cent basket she came out with a 899 price on it extremely and purposely High 2 seconds later the guy that said he's going to run watch that with the new gasket of items never went to lunch so the manager prices high on purpose this is located in East Lancaster on Avenue J it happened August at approximately 5 p.m.

Preferred solution: The manager and employees should be scolded or fires Ruthie putting a price three times as high as you can buy it brand new at Walmart should not be tolerated just because she didn't feel like putting it on.

Location: Lancaster, California

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