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Hello my name is Ezechialbrown and I been a customer for little 3years and I have shopped there at least 10 times a week every time I shop at your good will and I ask her your employees cashier can she brake a $20.00 and she said she doesn't have any change and she told me it's $1.50 you have got to be kidding and she's to not treat customers to go in the back and gets some change for a $20.00 and she told me why she can't brake A $20.00 and that's not okay she needs to be careful and how she's need to treat a customer respect and that's any cashier she it's totally reasonable for carrying changes for the back l though she's not going to brake a $20.00 she knew she would look at me and say to me rudely she doesn't carry change in the cash drawer and I have fed up with her Attitude me and our customers and you know what I think she needs to be terminated from her job and have never never ever ever been treated unfairly and wrongfully and I want to have her go find another job and I was so pissed off at her

I don't want to do next I am sorry it's not worth it to me coming here and shopped here at your goodwill I should be treated

Respectfully and wants to be rude to other customers and let me tell you something else she's being racist to us and the customers as well until she gets terminated I'll continue shop some were else until you'll get rid of her

Please please please make it happen before it's gets worse please please thanks

User's recommendation: I would like to be able to shop for some good deals but respect most definitely.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: I think she's to be fired .

Goodwill Pros: Goodwill before this incident, Staff, Price and selection, Helps people in need, Respect.

Goodwill Cons: People that work there, Poor customer service.

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