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I am a person that shops very often at the goodwill, in other words I am hooked. And among all those shopping I got about 3 punching cards from last time that I was there (less than a month).

So here I am Tuesday April 27, 2010 at around 2 pm expending like 3 hours selecting clothes and such worth about $200 on items.. I was even to buy a dinette & when I got to the cashier…Surprise! We cannot honor all your cards at the same time… the cashier said, so I said ok so lets split the clothes into 4 tickets , by then the cashier called the manager (Another clueless person arrived) and then they said… well were are the tickets of this purchases and I said….here! so I pulled out, then they said…but they are not stamped!, I do not know what kind of stamp they are looking but each punch was signed and stamped individually and the tickets were printed with logo and name date and address of them!.

So in other words they didn't honor their own cards. Right after I left I went to the other Goodwill in N.

Richland Hills where I explained to the manager , She was all the opposite she tried to correct their other store mistake and offer me an apology and she threat me like a good loyal customer.

By they way the first manager on the Hurst store kept one of my full punching card! (very cleaver!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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you people are all filthy slobs who don't clean up after yourselves.


Ignore Irish's comments. Anytime they post a comment on here it is negative and refering to the writer as being poor.

Someone needs a life, not everyone shopping second hand stores are poor. Some of are just thrifty :)


Ummmm you guys need to be more careful with what u expose online bcause it could definitely hurt peoples feelings. I mean how would you like to be called poor when u rnt.

i know my sister loves to go to goodwill for their old fashioned clothes that people turned in. that doesnt mean she is poor nor does it give you permission to call her poor.

people just need to grow up and get a life and actually walk in to a goodwill and find that it isnt trashy people that shop there. :)


God bless you Irish :)

Buying good clothes on second hand store is not a crime or nothing to be ashame of, neither to be poor. I wish to have enough money to go and buy stuff at high end stores but sorry I can. And I was not the one that establish the punching card system, they do AND I only follow what they offer as a reward for shopping there

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #138534

"I am a person that shops very often at the goodwill, in other words I am hooked"

In other words you can only afford second hand stuff.

Taking cards from goodwill to get free stuff, just shows how poor you are. I bet you signed them yourself, the reason the other goodwill manager in Richmond accpted this was because you lied and they believed you. They don't know the workers there.

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