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I went to the Goodwill store in brandon, FL located on highway 60. I found a purse that i really liked, especially since it appeared to be unused.

However, there was not a price tag on the bag. So, instead of being dishonest and stealing a price tag from another item, i asked one of the girls in the back to please tell me how much the purse would cost. She came back and told me it would be $10.00!!! Here reason was that it was a name brand purse.

I thought this was unreasonable since the rest of the purses (they have at least 100 in the store since it is a very large store) were priced $5.00 or less. Many of them were name brands!!! So, i asked the cashier if she would reduce the price to $5.00 like the rest of the purses. She was very rude and told me that they cannot change the price once they price the items.

I asked to speak to a manager and instead of getting me in contact with her manager, she rudely re-stated what she had already told me. I asked her again, if i could please speak with a manager. instead of allowing me to talk to the manager she walked over to the manager with the purse and started whispering to her. I then asked the manager to please price the purse the way the rest were priced because i did not feel the price was fair or correct.

she WAS extremely rude and told me the same thing the cashier told me. I showed her another name brand purse that actually retails higher in stores and asked why it was priced $5.00 instead of $10.00. She just said the price was set in stone. I was very disappointed with how she handled the situation.

i would very much like to speak with corporate or anyone who cares enough to make sure that these stores actually hold up to the values they so proudly say they represent. The manager's name was Allana.

If anyone knows how we can get these complaints to the right hands, please contact me. Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Cashier.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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Those of you who had the nerve to disagree with the OP should remember something: it's not necessarily what you say sometimes, but HOW you say it. If the OP feels that something is overpriced, (s)he has every right to say "no, thanks" and shop elsewhere.

Getting the best deal possible has nothing to do with maturity, nor does being on a budget (that's for you, Ghostbuster - maybe YOU can grow up instead of criticizing people who are more frugal than you'd like).

Also, sometimes people at those stores make mistakes, and there is nothing wrong with questioning them, as long as it is done so politely. I don't appreciate inflexibility, either, and I don't blame the OP for being annoyed.


You should have just shutup and quit arguing with them. I work at Goodwill...

and sometimes the managers are rude.. but if they tell you its ten dollars then its ten dollars. either get it or go away. We get tired of dealing with tightwads like you.

Our mission is to help people by paying for their job training. we cant do that if we just give all of you *** stuff for free.


They have every right to ask you to leave the store Alicia.

For the person writing this letter, if you cannot afford even goodwill prices leave the purse behind and get a cheaper one. No need for you to get more than you can afford and have them reduce the price for you.


I went a Goodwill in Surprise Az, because I wanted return a shoes. The price was 5.99, and I gave a the manager the receive but the manager told me this shoes I don't buy in this store because don't have a code behind the shoes and he told me very laud about call a the police if I don't leave the store right now. Never in my life some body told this words I feel me so sad because I support whit cloth and miscellanea.


I agree with Ghostbuster and Brotha here it looks like no equals rude. Sounds like you were the rude one not the manager.

They told you the price and you kept arguing. I would not be surprised if you removed the ten dollar tag yourself in hopes of getting it cheaper then became angry when you did not get your way.

If you can't afford $10 buy something cheaper. Learn to live within your budget or get a better job so that you can afford to pay one tenth the cost of what you would get it at a regular store.


So just because you were told no means that people were rude. Grow up, just because you don't get your way does not mean people were rude to you.

Perhaps you should get a job so you can afford to get the purse from a real store instead of a second hand store. Or maybe you don't have a job because in interviews you tell the interviewrer that they are rude when they tell you that if you are hired you can't do certain things. Why not act like an adult and get one that cost $5 if they were name brands.

If this one was the only one you could find without a price tag and was different than the others than well it is $10. Maybe if you grow up you can afford the $10 in a secondhand store instead of having everyone in the store think you are cheap and laughing at you.


No WAY! You mean these people who have to deal all day long with skinflints who can't afford $10 for a purse wouldn't give in to your demands?

That is messed up! You should sue them


:eek :eek

I agree Till you work at a goodwill stop complaining That employees seem rude at times because they have to deal with butt heads all day gripping about the prices. would you go into a walmart and gripe at the prices NO Goodwill is a business like any other business. Volunteer a week or two at a goodwill and you will understand TRUST ME it will make you think twice before you complain again at a Goodwill!!


I have been reading a lot of complaints about Goodwill and rude Managers and Rude Employees. One thing you all need to know is after hearing ALL day long customers *** about prices One tens to become that way without really thinking about it.

How would you feel if all you were trying to do was your job so that you can pay your bills and feed your family and people *** at you all day long. wouldn't you get that way to?? You have to understand our Hands are tied :upset We have no choice if we want to keep our jobs most Goodwill's :sigh :sigh :sigh have Spy cameras and they watch the employees from Corp.

offices to make sure that they are getting the most that they can for an item stop complaining at them and feel sorry for the fact that they need a job and they are just following the rules!! :x

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