I had some monetary loss today at Goodwill, nothing of usual concern. Instead of charging twice like in http://goodwill.pissedconsumer.com/overcharged-and (which thank goodness I only bought 3 things and had a habit of checking), they simply charged 2 "on sale" items at full price. Two cashiers at work, mine asked the other who told her the sale price, she didn't believe her, so she went to the manager (after swiping my credit card), who said the items are always priced as the computer has them. When I showed her the sign standing by the counter with the price on it, she took it away from me and put it away (maybe to prevent me from taking a picture as evidence?), saying that it was an old sale price and no longer counts. She continued to do her work at hand while I asked the cashier what is going on, who answered me that the manager's in charge. After seeing that I wasn't relenting until they did something, the manager told me to grab another same item for free. Ok, I accept that, and perhaps I should let it stop there and forget it, but here's the thing: it's the attitude. She is either new or irresponsible, because what would a manager deserving that title do? Apologize and fix the mistake, or explain the "misunderstandings". Instead, her actions clearly blamed the consumer. I suspect that she will get in some kind of inconvenience for any credit back which is why she will not do so. I had not thought to ask her name, and so I will simply consider this a lesson learned for a minimal fee:

1. Always watch while ringing up, and don't pay until the question's cleared.

2. If possible, know your prices, and total them.

3. When having a dispute with the managers, ASK THEIR NAME, because only the cashier's name appear on the recipe.

4. Take pictures. Pictures are useful. They can be evidences.

I even apologized to the cashier for taking her time. I probably didn't need to, but I did it, perhaps it just me that I expect people to apologize too much because I am this way. However, in a customer-oriented store, that would be the exact actions I would expect, and Goodwill is clearly not one of them. This is something I will keep in mind if I ever go in there again. I roasted myself for 3 minutes in rage, and now I've come to terms with it. Thanks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #656452

Unless you work retail. You just don't get how bad and rude people are to the workers.

People move signs, switch prices, and lie all the time. People kill how they will try to bring down everyone for a dollar!

It's so ***! Work in their place for a month and see how you feel


If you complained about something as minor as a old sale sign being displayed and receiving free merchandise for complaining to the manager and still were so upset you had to write a drawn out complaint including "she hid the sign so I couldn't take a picture foe evidence" ummm the more logical reason would be that if she keep the sale sign up ,the mistake would happen again....mistakes happen

Naples, Florida, United States #597807

Taking pictures in a business is illegal unless they give you permission to photograph in the store.

They are human and make mistakes.

You got free product.

Get over it. How would YOU like to make a mistake and have someone try to profit from YOUR error?

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