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Yesterday evening, after work, I stopped by the Goodwill near my home, which I often do. I spend more money than I would care to admit to anyone at this store, I also am almost always very pleased with my purchases....I love the Goodwill, and not just this store, but all of them in fact.

However, after my experience with the manager yesterday, i highly doubt that I'll be want to spend another dime at Salmon Creek least while she still works there. This is what happened: It was closing time, 0800 in fact, I was at the counter paying for my items.SEP102021

Visa Debit Card GOODWILL OF SALMON CREEK VANCOUVER WA Date 09/09/21 0413****000084****41450 ****-$143.35...and that all went fine, it was after I got to my car that I encountered the issue. I was unloading the cart into my trunk, and a young man was meandering around the parking lot gathering shopping carts, which I'm certain is part of his job....he stopped at my car, and waited politely for me to finish unloading, while I was in the process of this, the manager stood at the front doors of the stores, and SHOUTED AT ME that she really needed that cart because she was trying to close up.....HUH?????? First of completely unprofessional of her.......Second of all.....isn't that what the kid standing there, waiting for the cart was doing????

And third, what kind of crazy am I dealing with here? I've ended long-standing relationships with people for yelling at me......nobody YELLS at me, or there are consequenses. Now, I very much stayed in control and didn't even respond to this crazy person.... I understand that she needed to close the store and finish things up so she and the other employees could go home......but, this approach that Rita took was just strange....I mean, the kid was already taking care of the carts, it wasn't like i was standing there trying on and inspecting every item as I took it out of the cart, I was simply pulling things from the cart to my trunk, so I don't know why she felt it was necessary to yell at me across the damn parking lot.....not only was it belittling, but it was extremely embarrassing, and so shocking.

After all was said and done, and I sat in my car, I looked at my watch and it was, I know the store closes at 8:0, but there must be some things that have to be done by the manager after counting money, closing up important things....but her out there yelling about the ONE shopping cart???

I would hope this message makes it to the proper person, and I even more so hope that Rita is made aware of this unacceptable behavior...she could also stand to be a little nicer in the store, I've never heard her be friendly to anyone.....most of the time i see her leaning on her elbow just staring into space....I've never seen her actually work or help a customer, and of course I'm not there all the time, but I'm there more than I should be, lol!!!

Please address these issues with Rita, as it stands currently, she is not someone you want as a manager of your store, she isn't even a nice person. Unfortunately, while Rita is still working at Salmon Creek Good will, I will not be stopping in.

User's recommendation: Steer clear of Rita around closing time especially........

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 14300 Northeast 20th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98686

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