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When I was in good will on 145th and 15th. It was me and my girl friend.

She had my big bag I had my back pack My girlfriend showed up way before me and since my cart had more room we transferred ithe big bag to my cart. but this employee came up to my shopping cart and asked about my bag I had in shopping cart I didn't quite understand what she said. I heard something about bag and I said yeah that's mine Then she walked away. Well when I went to leave she came up grabbed my bag from me and told me to leave.

I said ma'am that's my bag. She wouldn't listen made huge commotion. In front of alot of people. So being bigger person I asked her can I please have your name.

She told me no. No multiple times and other rude remarks. Asked for manager she said no leave So I had to leave without my bag wich im very upset! and not happy about!

It had sudamental value, I got it from my dad who passed away!! and by now I assume you guys took my bag and sold it. There needs to be something done about this. They're was a old red tag on it from when I took camping.

But it was not readable any more and broken basically. So she basically robbed me, defimation of character, stereotyping, and also not to mention physically snatching bag from me and verbal abuse. I have pictures to prove that's its mine. So something needs to be done or im contacting my lawer.

Im a paying citizen. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm a thief. And if she works there. She is required to give her name.

Or get manager.

Dont you guys train your employees. She needs to be fired.

Email me back asap


If i dont hear nothing soon you will hear from my lawer with law suit.

Hope we can resolve without that because had never had problem with you guys before!

User's recommendation: DONT EVER SHOP THERE!! EVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodwill Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $550.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Goodwill Pros: Laughing my assets off reading the goodwill comments, Discounted prices.

Goodwill Cons: Management is poor, Dishonest employees, Poor customer service, Unprofessional gossiping employees.

Location: 14500 15th Avenue Northeast, Shoreline, WA 98155

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Front door probably says no large bags or backpacks, just saying. It also probably says no food or drink.

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