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The Goodwill store in Conyers GA pulled out the blue tags items when blue tags were on sale. I find that very dishonest. I had personally saw the employees went around the store and pulled out blue tags items and put them on a separate rack and then wheeled them to the back of the store / non sale floor. The same goes for red tags during red tags sale and so on. So Dishonest! Why then advertised coloured tag sale only to pull it out? That is not... Read more

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I was shopping in the Goodwill store at Transitown Plaza in Clarence NY. An older ,retired schoolteacher was trying to buy a book. The woman was explaining to the manager why a Landmark History book about JFK was a children's book. He would not agree. Then for no reason he said, "You do not like African Americans." "You are a racist. " "Please leave my store". The woman said she'd like to call the police. The manager said, "I'll call the... Read more

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Disgusting! Went to a local Goodwill to check out a patio set that a friend told me about. Saw it was sold, made a remark to a relative about "I bet one of the employees bought it" referring to my friends employees. A Goodwill employee immediately started shouting, "Don't talk about my employees like that.", "You owe us an apology." We tried to explain she misheard, yet alone was eavesdropping, and the employee got even more hostile while... Read more

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Goodwill has gotten outta control with their prices. I saw something today the was the same price brand new. I also saw prices of things that were more than if I were to get it new. They are a ripoff, I will never donate to them or shop there again. Dvd's $5. Wow cheaper at Walmart. And if you thought you were getting ripped off, they ask you to round up your change, to donate. Well ***, I thought shopping there was donating. Goodwill... Read more

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Ive shoped at Goodwill for over 20 years.Las Vegas To family was very greatful to shop for cloths ,shoes and things for the home that we could afford. we love the idea of recycling as well as helping out goodwills cause. This year they have changed their prices extremely high and unjustifiably. For example the last time I was there I picked up a little cheap resin statue of a panda for my daughter. They had a price of $9.99 on it .... Read more

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Good will store will not acept retirees ore military retirees id card any more only if your active duddy but the will not acept military spouses id card any more.i will not go in to good will stores any more thats so sad this days ,i will go shoping in the BX well good bye good will stores good bye. i will not donate my electronic and oder stuff there any more

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I worked in corporate. New CEO, first priority to expand marketing about doing good in the community for the "disabled". Next discontinued skills training for disabled (janitorial, cooking, ...). Open more retail stores (all are brand new buildings and prime real estate, nothing refurbished) and screen all donated items to be put on the Internet for bidding rather than filtering back into the community that carries them. Then CEO gets raise and... Read more

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I went to the Harrisonburg,Va Goodwill to buy my kids clothes for school because our family is on a fixed income,this cashier named River was watching me and my kids like we were trash and to top it off she handled our merchandise like it was trash just slinging it into bags and rudely stated that ah I have to charge you extra for the boots that my teen daughter wanted signs on shoes clearly stated $3.00 dollars,but I think she was wanting the... Read more

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There is something wrong when a tee shirt is 3 dollars. I have shopped Goodwill for 30 years...used to because I had to when my children were little. Now I do it because I want to. However, I am displeased with the way its changed. I visited Boonville Indiana goodwill recently and the clerk was very rude! Received wrong change back from Evansville goodwill and didnt notice it till later. I called to let them know to check the end of day balance... Read more

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I went to the store in Mesa. McKellips and Mesa Dr. Was purchasing a pair of swim shorts that I was going to use for 1 day down the river and noticed that the shorts had a huge hole in them and I asked the cashier if these would still be full price. She was very nice but her supervisor Spring was incredibly rude and condescending about 2 dollars. People like her should not be in management positions. She made me never want to go to this goodwill... Read more

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