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Just bought some different stuff in goodwill Eastlake San Diego and Marissa the staff there looked irritated with the costumers. She's probably having a bad day but should not bring it at work, God blessed her and she has a job. Be thankful. She showed disgust to kids which are just being kids, they are being careful. I felt like she doesn't like customers in her store especially when they touch... Read more

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I am employed at Goodwill, we have two or three different prices, each one will price the item different, because some of them are not trained, I have this pricer who drives us nuts because every time he wants to price a donation, he will get on Amazon to know the price as new, and so he only makes a few dollars in discount. The furniture that you guys give and is baby furniture, we can no sell... Read more

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The new store is a real disappointment. Quality items at reasonable prices r gone: particularly clothes, shoes, purses & particularly jewelry. They used to have great jewelry at reasonable prices. And all this "new" junk at retail prices is taking up about 25 to 30%of the floor space. I asked the manager & several employees what was going on w the quality items & one finally told me "They are... Read more

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I applyed for a job at roanoke va store,,,,on brambleton av roanoke county,.....The manager knew me as a friend,,,,his name is TIM,,,im on SSD,,,my wife is very sick with MS,,seizuers,,etc,,we on welfare,,everythng,,i have a kid,,,well,,Tim said he hire me,,,an my neighbor Teresa PARIS which dates him,,,told him not too hire me,...because her an my wife had differences,,,,,,,,TIM has hired many... Read more

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The prices have sky rocketed to ridiculous sticker shocking pricing. the stores are messy. they now don't sell the jewelry God knows what they are doing with it. They separate all the lamps from their shades, even the custom ones and sell separately. greedy goodwill does no goodwill. They stuff the clothes in a small bag rather than give you a larger one. They are rude to deal with and frankly... Read more

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Just met a very rude supervisor at Deland goodwill. Price marked on item was $1.99. She acted like I was trying to cheat her when their pricer said it was $7.99 but their label printer makes it look like $1.99. She is just a very disagreeable person. Add comment

I just got back from goodwill and am very upset with their customer service or should I say NO customer service,,,I needed help opening a folding table and could not get any help,,A CUSTOMER noticed me struggling and went to go find someone to help,,,This is the Sarasota 41 Airport Goodwill,,,She couldnt get anyone to help me,,I finally got it open to make sure it worked,,,Carried this VERY heavy... Read more

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I used to love shopping at goodwill and catching some bargains, some great, some not so great. Not anymore. The prices have gone up so dramatically in the past few months that I rarely walk out with a purchase. The Christmas stuff was the worst! Our local Goodwill has dollar store ornaments and worn out/broken/ stuff missing, priced at $4.99 and up!You can tell what will be trashed in the end... Read more

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I was in store 108 last week around 6:30 trying to help my daughter get an address change for when good will sends out there W-2's and I was treated very badly by they said the floor manager Adrienne I do not know how to spell her name and I don't know her last name. But she was very rude to me and my daughter and i quote " she is not aloud in the store" I said I understood but she is am adult... Read more

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The oconomowoc Wisconsin store tolerates loitering by certain customers. One person travels 30 miles from home everyday to stay for several hours and then store 'hops 'to 3 or more goodwill stores. This person and his wife are very aggressive when carts or merchandise comes out on the floor. The individual and his wife come back several times daily. The police have been to the store twice,... Read more

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